Body of missing 18-year-old Mexican woman found in hotel tank


The tragic story of a young Mexican woman abandoned by the side of a highway in northern Mexico late at night ended in tragedy, with her decomposing body being discovered in the basement water tank of a motel.

Deputy Public Safety Secretary Ricardo Mejia said on Friday the woman’s body – which was apparently unrecognizable after nearly two weeks at sea – included a crucifix necklace and clothing belonging to Debanhi Escobar on the night of her disappearance. .

Despite what police in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon called a big hunt for her, the story ended as it sometimes does in Mexico: her body was discovered by locals.

“The notice was issued by hotel employees due to the foul odors emanating from the area,” Mejia explained.

Debanhi Escobar’s story made news after a heartbreaking photo was taken by the driver who was due to take her home that evening. While it’s not clear why she got out of the vehicle, her father, Mario Escobar, said prosecutors advised him that CCTV evidence indicated the driver touched his daughter inappropriately.

“I guess my daughter didn’t tolerate the bullying,” the father explained. Although the full identity of the driver has not been released, he was apprehended. Although the driver may not have killed her, Escobar said he was guilty of his daughter’s death.

The driver, who worked for a taxi app, took the photo to demonstrate that the young woman got out of her car alive on the outskirts of Monterrey on April 8. There she stood, a young woman in a skirt and high-top sneakers, alone on the side of a highway at night.

The photograph seems to express the young woman’s enormous vulnerability and self-confidence – or her despair.

No one saw her until Thursday night when detectives recovered her body from a 12ft (4m) deep water tank near the roadside motel pool.

Mario Escobar said he was certain Debanhi, 18, had been murdered.

“My daughter is no longer alive. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ Escobar said. ‘The prosecutors didn’t do their duty properly.’

Governor Samuel Garcia of Nuevo Leon said “everything points to her.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Friday that the issue had “logically caused a lot of concern, a lot of concern” among Mexicans.

Critics worry that even when authorities are forced to act because of public outrage, investigations are rarely quick or effective.

In the week investigators say 200 workers searched for Debanhi using drones, search dogs and analysis of security camera footage, his corpse was discovered not far from where she was last seen.

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