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Located in the heart of the “golden triangle” formed by Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, Taoyuan Forest International Tourism Resort is only 700 meters from the famous Chinese water town Wuzhen, and very close to the beautiful heritage towns of Tongluo and Nanxun. Like an isolated wonderland, it offers incredible environmental access that will connect you with nature, which is rare around the Yangtze River Delta. On its 13 km², it has 11.5 km of Grand Canal of China which crosses, more than 200 natural rivers, about 88 small islands, 90% forest cover and mineral thermal springs.

Desiring to be a world-class vacation and tourism destination with an international vision, Taoyuan Forest International Tourism Resort puts on its map a core (conference center), three horizontal and three vertical sections of waterways, five axes and seven corridors of special features, nine recreation centers, ten closed transport systems and twelve thematic zones. With many exciting attractions around its beautiful islands and clear waters, top-notch amenities and well-designed natural and cultural sightseeing packages, the resort is an ideal and dreamlike place to get away from it all and rejuvenate in all seasons. , offering all types of guests of all ages a full range of high-quality choices including forest vacations, sightseeing tours, thermal spa, study trips, nature-centric vacations, cultural and artistic tours, MICE, entertainment, themed hotel, farm experience, sports, adventures and water parks.

The Summit was also marked by the inauguration of a branding plan of the Taoyuan Alliance of Guesthouses, which aims to harness the strengths of six high-profile Chinese brands of guesthouses and hostels, namely Hill of Flowers, CIPO Hillside Village, Lost Villa, Jinglulanshan, Cloud Retreat and Solo Wandering for shared growth and better business opportunities. Taoyuan’s statement, released jointly by all Alliance members at the launch, was the first of its kind in China and served as a model for the construction from China top group of boutique guesthouse brands.

Mr. Sun Bo, regional manager of Sunac China Shanghai Group Suzhou Company, the developer of the resort, extended an open invitation on behalf of Taoyuan Forest International Tourism Resort to visitors from all over the world. As an extraordinary retreat of forests, islands and water parks, the resort would ensure that guests have a world-class experience of nature, culture and hospitality.

SOURCE Taoyuan Forest International Tourist Resort


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