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Accor launched Emblems Collection, a global portfolio of boutique hotels and luxury resorts. The brand is launching with a flagship hotel, the Guiyang Art Center Hotel, Emblems Collection in China’s Guizhou province, scheduled to open in December 2022. The luxury brand is expected to reach 60 properties worldwide by 2030.

“Emblems Collection adds a fresh and exciting new dimension to Accor’s luxury offerings,” said Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of Accor. “One of the main objectives of our growth and development strategy is to aggressively add to our strongest lines and our main business accelerators, which include luxury brands as well as collectible brands, while ensuring what the more than 40 brands in our global network continue to grow, evolve and prosper. . The hotels we will feature in Emblems Collection are those sought after by travelers who appreciate upscale boutique-style experiences, as well as hoteliers who cherish the independent brands they’ve created while still wanting the benefits of a global partner. . “

With the creation of Emblèmes Collection, Accor is expanding its presence in the collectible brand space and will seek to replicate the success it has achieved with another of the group’s brands, MGallery Hotel Collection, a historic portfolio that now counts more of 100 boutique hotels around the world. . Emblems Collection will feature unique hotels that are emblematic of their designers, demographics or destinations, the company reports.

The hotels and resorts that join the Emblems collection will fall into three categories:

  • Heritage emblem collection: hotels that are the landmarks of a destination — buildings that add to the character of a city, place or nation; properties that celebrate features of classical history and cultural traditions.
  • Emblems Collection Retreat: Resort properties along beaches, in the countryside or in the mountains, offering spa and wellness experiences with holistic treatments and enrichment through rituals, serenity and well-being.
  • Signature Collection Emblems: Design hotels that embody an aesthetic universe, an ode to the style and signature of the designers or original residents who have contributed to the hotel’s heritage.

For those looking to improve their property’s luxury status and boost their global profile, the collection’s hotel brand standards are flexible, lightweight, and easy to achieve, with opportunities to sign deals. franchise – the only Accor luxury brand to offer this option, according to the company. The new brand will encourage its hotels to maintain their unique identity, which is important for hoteliers who have invested in creating a certain style for their hotel and / or market. In addition, Emblems Collection offers a direct return on investment and the ability to maximize revenue with immediate access to Accor’s sales, distribution and loyalty platform.

“For owners and developers who have created unique luxury hotels or are looking to develop a new upscale offering, we offer a collectible brand that can enhance the status and profile of their property with a limited investment in the marketing and brand strategy, as well as an easy transition process, ”said Agnès Roquefort, Director of Development, Accor. “With Emblems Collection, hoteliers can optimize costs and operations immediately by leveraging Accor’s powerful global distribution and supply networks, while expanding their audience upon enrollment. We look forward to working with more hoteliers and development partners to bring more hotels across the world to this exceptional collection. “

The Guiyang Art Center Hotel, Emblems Collection will be located in the Guiyang Art Center in the city. Originally built as a private residence, it will feature 64 suites and two ballrooms, as well as a swimming pool, spa and fitness area and a number of bars, lounges and restaurants.

“As one of the world’s largest hotel markets, China is the perfect location for Accor to launch our new luxury brand, and we are honored to work with our trusted partner, the HLC Group on this historic project, ”said Gary Rosen, CEO, Greater China, Accor. “HLC is a respected business leader in Guizhou Province and recognized as one of the best private companies in China; We are delighted to partner with them to bring our shared vision to life for the new Emblems Collection hotel in Guiyang. This awe-inspiring and enigmatic property has long captured the attention of residents and visitors to Guiyang. Emblems Collection will bring a fresh, modern expression of luxury living to this iconic landmark, setting the high standards of hospitality and style that we expect from this brand as it expands into other markets around the world.

With a plan to grow the collection to 60 properties by 2030, Accor is actively seeking new properties to be part of the Emblems collection in targeted destinations around the world. Paris and Prague are two key cities where luxury heritage hotels could be candidates for Emblems Collection Heritage or Emblems Collection Signature. Other target cities for potential growth include London; Amsterdam; Berlin; Madrid; Marrakech, Morocco ; Cairo; Amman, Jordan; Doha, Qatar; Moscow; Bangkok; Seoul; Sydney; Montreal; New York; Havana, Cuba; Cartagena, Colombia; Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires; and Montevideo, Uruguay, among others. For the Emblems Collection Retreat, shortlisted destinations include Tuscany, Italy; Mykonos, Greece; Bodrum, Turkey; Algarve, Portugal; Bali, Indonesia; the Australian Gold Coast; and the Riviera Maya in Mexico.


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