Abusive drunk jailed for causing havoc at Cork hotel


The havoc was caused by a drunken man at the Cork International airport hotel who was jailed for four months for this crime and another.

Gardaí was alerted to a disruption at the airport hotel after midnight on Saturday December 18.

They arrived to find James Hogan of 1 Lissarda, Lotamore, Cork, physically and verbally assaulting hotel staff.

Gardaí spoke to him at the scene and he told one of the police officers to go fuck himself and he also called him a “queer”.

James Hogan has pleaded guilty to engaging in threatening behavior and being drunk and a source of danger on occasion.

The accused also pleaded guilty to other counts, including theft of drink from a garage.

Judge Kelleher said: “It has wreaked havoc on the Cork International Hotel.

This is the seventh time he has caused problems in public by being threatening and abusive.

Sergeant Pat Lyons said the accused had 103 previous convictions, including six counts of previously threatening behavior.

Other offenses in Cork District Court with the public order incident at the airport included two heads of state of intoxication and danger at different stages on the same day – July 18.

Sgt Lyons said shortly after 9:30 a.m. Hogan went to buy a box of Heineken cans for € 16 at the Applegreen gas station.

When told it was too early because it was before the liquor clearance hours, he responded by walking out of the store with the beer, without paying.

Frank Buttimer, a lawyer, said Hogan then returned to the store and paid for the property. He apologized for the theft and also apologized for his more recent behavior.

The 38-year-old was sentenced to two months in prison for his threatening behavior at the airport and four months for the theft.


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