8 Qualities of Top Performing Hotel Call Center Agents


Hotels in 2021 have a lot of catching up to do. 2020 and the first half of 2021 presented the hospitality industry with a whirlwind of challenges that still persist today.

The road to recovery is coming and many hotels are starting to rethink their sales strategies in the future. The events of 2020 forever changed the way we travel. Travelers want hospitality delivered on their terms, and it’s up to hotels to pivot to meet those needs.

Hotels rise to the occasion and meet the needs of travelers by using a professional hotel call center to manage the queues for their reservation service. Not all call centers are created equal.

So how do you know if a hotel call center has what it takes to increase your reservations and increase your income? To find out what to look for in a hotel call center, keep reading below for the 8 Qualities of Top Performing Hotel Call Center Agents.

1. Effective communication skills

Over the past year and a half, there has been a sharp increase in direct bookings. To be exact, in 2020, direct bookings accounted for 47% of global bookings. So far in 2021, direct bookings represent 44% of all bookings. So why the increase in direct channel bookings?

After all the uncertainties of last year, travelers crave authentic hospitality and practical assurance on security measures taken by hotels. It is also possible that OTAs are overwhelmingly saturated with too much paid advertising and misleading information.

According to Doug Kennedy, president of the Kennedy Training Network (KTN), “In an increasingly digital world, a personal touch goes a long way. A friendly, helpful and informative voice on the other end of the phone is exactly what it takes to turn a curious caller into a new guest and to set the tone for an internal experience that will result in repeat customers for years to come. to come . “

2. Retention and recall of knowledge

A properly trained call center agent (such as those trained by KTN) takes the time to learn and honor your brand equity, inside and outside.

The best hotel call center agents train to be experts in your hotel so they can sell reservations using your hotel’s unique features. A top performing call center agent will highlight the best features of your property, whether those unique features are the location of your property, its business amenities, or its rewards program,

3. Ability to handle pressure

Taking calls is not always easy. Sometimes potential customers get frustrated and can direct that frustration to whoever is on the other end of the phone.

It’s all in the training, and professional call center agents are trained to handle all kinds of high pressure situations and have the ability to defuse virtually any situation.

4. Speed ​​and efficiency

Doug Kennedy, President of the Kennedy Training NetworkSpeed ​​and efficiency are the key attributes of a successful call center agent. The longer a call lasts, the more time the customer has to change their mind. Top call center agents don’t waste time converting leads into sales.

The Kennedy Training Network has devised a sales strategy designed to effectively convert leads. KTN-trained call centers can up to 70% of qualified reservation calls they receive. Key hotel call center agents are not only trained by KTN, but are regularly tested by Forbes and KTN.

It has to be proven that the ideal hotel call center converts more calls into confirmed reservations and closes them at a higher average daily rate, and it does so while creating an initial feeling of professionalism and courtesy for the hotel. in the customer’s mind, setting the stage for higher ratings in sites like TripAdvisor.

5. Creative problem solving

Modern problems require modern solutions, and with the road traveled so far in 2020 and 2021, hoteliers need seriously new approaches.

2020 and 20201 introduced a plethora of new challenges for hoteliers around the world, and many have been forced to adapt and pivot in order to survive. The most successful hotel call center agents can be a resource in times of crisis.

Call center representatives trained by experts regularly participate in training games, team activities, role plays and group exercises. This provides reservations specialists with the training they need to focus and succeed in today’s world of over-informed, multitasking callers who have considered too many choices online.

6. Emotional stability

Highly trained call center agents exude emotional stability, even in times of crisis. They rely on their training and understand the importance of staying calm, calm and always at ease.

Today’s travelers crave a personal touch while navigating a world of uncertainty. And they need to hear a reassuring and reasonable voice on the other end of the phone.

7. Empathy

A high quality call center representative understands your hotel, your customers and your brand. The training, coaching and quality assurance efforts of a professional call center are designed specifically for your hotel’s market segment, type of property, revenue strategies, business philosophies, and any need. single operational. The empathy of a top call center agent goes beyond understanding your brand. Call center agents are trained to be in touch with the needs and wants of customers.

8. Team player

The most successful call center agents work within your team. They are an asset that can be used in all aspects of the hospitality world.

Hotel management is complex and constantly evolving. Professionally trained call center agents help simplify management by dealing with the heaviest tasks. A top-notch call center agent will blend into any hospitality team, whether the customer is a hotel chain or an individual property.

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